Amabrich Global Resources Ltd corporate HSSE goals and objectives supported by the ongoing implementation of HSSE management program are achieved due to the open-hearted commitment of our Company's top-management team to adhere to these goals likewise owing to thorough implementation of HSSE management system and corporate policy.

While performing the works at any production facility as well as throughout our corporate activities in general, we set the following basic objectives:

  • No Harm to People
  • No Damage to the Environment,
  • avoiding any losses,
  • No complaints about the quality of our services or products.

We combine these simple four goals into a single program called "GOAL ZERO". It means that resulting from our activities we aim to achieve:

  • ZERO cases of harm to people,
  • ZERO cases of environmental damage,
  • ZERO cases of losses
  • ZERO complaints about poor quality of services or products

Our Target

Today we are proud of the fact that we do our business successfully. That became possible due to our constant desire to carefully establish and strengthen relationships in those countries and societies where we carry out our works. To prove our commitment and acceptance of social responsibility, we extend the following objectives to all levels of the Group of companies:

  • Promote fair, peaceful and respectful attitude to cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of people involved in our activities one way or another
  • Demonstrate positive social effect due to continuing minimization of the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Co-operate with Clients, local organizations and governmental authorities to demonstrate and promote socially important initiatives.

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