Corrosion Prevention & Control

Amabrich Global Resources Ltd is an accredited company that provides corrosion control & protection services, which includes applications for submerged metallic pipelines, above-ground and underground storage tanks, compressor & pump stations, cathodic protection (CP) and other metallic components in the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil and gas industry.

Corrosion Prevention & Control
Corrosion Prevention & Control

Sand Blasting & Painting Services

Sand Blasting & Painting Services

Amabrich Global Resources Ltd provide various types of blasting and painting services to the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil and gas industry, shipyards, LNG plants, fabrication facilities, pipelines and storage tanks which including UHP (ultra high pressure), hydro blasting and more traditional grit and steel ball blasting and manual paint & brush application.

Our coating systems are applied in accordance with the respective industry standards and paint manufactures specifications. Our technicians and painters understand that surface preparation is essential for satisfactory performance of any paint system.

Our Painting & Blasting Services Covers

  • Protection coating and relocating
  • Piping, Storage Tank & Steel Structure Coating.
  • Cleaning, stripping, alkaline cleaning, manual and mechanical processes.
  • Airless blast cleaning.
  • Airless spraying.
  • Surface protection.
  • Metal Coatings.
  • Sand Blasting
  • Manual dry grit blasting
  • Manual hydro blasting UHP blasting
  • Manual paint and brush application

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