Security & Surveillance Services

Amabrich Security and Surveillance Service is an important tool in the detection and prevention of crime, within and outside our client facilities in the oil & gas and private sectors. Our expertise includes access control, video surveillance, integrated physical/logical security and intrusion alarms thats helps prevent crime.

Security & surveillance Services
Security & surveillance Services

The Purpose Of Amabrich Security & Surveillance Services

Amabrich offers the best value solution with strategically located detection equipment that maximizes your coverage against a security threat. This also provides deterrent or detection against intrusion. The purpose of our services is to:

  • To help reduce the fear of crime
  • To help deter crime
  • To help detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings
  • To assist in the overall management of areas covered by The Scheme
  • To enhance community safety, assist in developing the economic well being of the people
  • To assist the Local Authority in it's enforcement and regulatory functions within the areas covered by our client
  • To support planned Police operations
  • To assist in Traffic Management / Bus Lane Enforcement
  • To assist in supporting civil proceedings that will help detect crime

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

If you want better security of your home or your work, we offer professional high quality CCTV security systems installation and repair service. We fully understand your need to upgrade your security and bring it to a higher level, CCTV is the right choice and we gladly offer you our experience and service.

Access Control Installation & Maintenance

Access Control Installation & Maintenance

Amabrich provides homeowners and businesses of all sizes access control, to help them restrict access and allow entry in any of their facilities, thereby providing complete security.

We have professional team members for the installation, monitoring and maintenance of Access Control Systems such as:

  • Front Gate Access & Monitoring
  • Keyless Locks & Entry
  • Employee Keycard Access
  • RFID & Bio Metric Access Control

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